20L Dry Bag

20L Dry Bag

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The North Storm 20 Litre waterproof dry bags not only stop your gear from getting wet, but the 500D PVC non-rigid waterproof exterior will protect it from dust, dirt, mud, grit, snow and sand. Dry bags are also handy to use for your wet or dirty gear, it keeps the car clean after an adventurous day out. They are also really easy to clean, simply hose your dry bags off, hang or towel dry and reuse. Our waterproof roll top bags also have an exclusive design which offers an additional splash proof front pocket – Class 2: IP65 zip, safety reflective strips and d-rings for your add ons and attachment options. Attach a Carabiner Clip to any d-ring to hang and hook your light gear to for easy access. All our dry bags are made with high frequency welded seams to keep them waterproof. Easy to carry, versatile and lightweight allowing you to tackle the great outdoors no matter what the conditions.

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    • Protect your gear from sand, dirt, dust, snow and water
    • Floats if dropped in the water
    • Made from 100% waterproof flexible and durable 500D PVC tarpaulin
    • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
    • Perfect for on boat storage
    • Front pocket with zip for extra storage
    • 2 x durable lash points to strap down if required
    • High frequency welded seams - no stitched seams to let water in
    • Top carry handle for additional mobility with heavy duty strapping
    • Reflective strip for high visibility and safety
    • D-Rings for various add on options
    • Great for all water related activities
    • Colour: Charcoal Grey with Black base
    • Light weight and compact
    • Reflective size guide print for extra safety
    • Packs down easily for long haul travelling
    • Class 3: IP66 can handle a quick submersion if dunked (see class rating chart tab)
    • Class 2: IP65 zip on external pocket for quick access to smaller items (see class rating chart tab)


Don't let a change in weather stop your adventures. Take along our Dry bags and protect your gear – problem solved.

Perfect for days when the sky is looking a bit precarious and wet weather is a certainty. Simply pack in your gear, roll the top down to create a seal, clip it closed and off you go. No worries about keeping your gear dry in rainy weather conditions ever again.

North Storm dry bags are a light weight item and pack down nice and flat. You can easily store our dry bag in your day to day backpack just in case the weather turns bad. They are a great back up for your valuables while on the go. So if bad weather decides to strike – you’ve got it covered.


Roll top closure systems are great for when you are outside doing vigorous activities. Reason being, in comparison to a zipper style closure system, roll top dry bags are less likely to come undone. Zippers also tend to jam up if you happen to get any sand or grit in them. Overall you don’t get that problem with roll top dry bags.

The roll top design also creates that watertight seal which protects your gear from the elements, including rain, dust, mud and snow.

North Storm dry bags are a great way to eliminate unnecessary volume when you close it up. Because they allow you the ability to compress the air out. Therefore making it less bulky and way more compact.


Wet gear, muddy gear, sandy gear, dry bags are so versatile the uses are endless.

North Storm Dry bags are the perfect solution to separating your muddy gear from your dry gear. They will also protect your clean dry gear from odours.

Overall North Storm dry bags are an essential piece of kit for any outdoor expedition. 4x4, camping, boating, surfing, fishing and adventure - upgrade your gear to a North Storm waterproof dry bag today!

17 reviews for 20L Dry Bag

    Jake Gibbs
    April 24, 2021
    These bags are THE BEST. I live on the road and I would never have any other dry bag. The quality is far superior to any other on the market. I tired a couple of cheaper ones and they fell apart in no time at all. I put my DSLR camera and lenses in the bag and swim across creeks to take photos without any hesitation at all. On many occasions I’ve left it out in the due overnight with clothes in it and it never condensates on the inside and gets wet. Hands down these are the end of the line. Worth every cent.
    ben lockwood
    April 6, 2021
    I won a water proof carry bag from north storm. there bags are incredible and i would 100% recommend to someone who needs to keep there gear water proof, or just a nice bag to carry and rely on. i use the 20L waterproof carry bag to store my fishing gear in, i used it over the long easter weekend fishing on the mary river and my gear stayed 100% dry in the disgusting weather great quality and great priced bags, i would definitely recommend these bags to anyone who is in the market for one. cheers ben
    Waterproof Bags | Northstorm Waterproof Bags | North Storm Waterproof RollTop Bags | Waterproof Duffel Bags | Waterproof Back Packs | Waterproof Dry Bags
    February 3, 2021
    Love this bag!! Absolute quality gear and not overpriced. Perfect for adventuring and doing the things I love which is getting outdoors. Awesome local Aussie business!! Definitely recommend and definitely will be back to buy more gear
    Reply from North Storm:
    Thanks so much @harbourexplore4x4 for your amazing review! We love that you love getting outdoors - even better now with your North Storm Dry Bag! Unreal! We cant wait to see where you take it and we look forward to kitting you out with our range for sure!! Legend! Thanks so much for supporting small biz and we wish you many epic and safe adventures. Cheers North Storm.
    November 15, 2020
    Love this little bag. Very simple but effective. Love the little pocket at the front for easy access. Main compartment is good enough to carry my basic fishing needs, and am very happy with the shoulder strap. I carry it with me on basic rock fishing trips ( but can also handle a bit harder and harsher trips).
    Reply from North Storm:
    Thanks Joshua for taking the time to leave us your awesome review! Thanks for all the love! Really great to hear your dry bag is coming in very handy for your off the rocks fishing needs. Great stuff! We wish you many more epic fishing adventures and thanks for taking us along with you. Cheers North Storm
    David Mitchell
    November 10, 2020
    Best dry bag ever So well made Ive just come back from 2 overnight kayak fishing trip on the Kalgan river and used your drybag to keep my food in the esky. Perfect thankyou
    Reply from North Storm:
    Thanks so much David for your best dry bag ever review! That is a great idea to use the dry bag for. We love hearing about the different ways people use their bags. Great stuff. We hope you enjoy many more Kalgan River adventures! Thanks again we appreciate your feedback. Cheers North Storm
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    Conor McCarthy
    October 14, 2020
    Great quality bag, great customer service & feels good to support a growing business. Highly recommend North Storm bags.
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thanks so much Conor for your recommendation, picture of your new dry bag and your awesome review! It means a lot to have your support too. Thanks again and we are so stoked that you chose to take us on your adventures! Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    September 18, 2020
    Perfect bag ...well designed and constructed, used daily for work or play
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thanks so much Guy for your review! We are so pleased that you are using your Dry Bag on a daily basis! Just so great to hear! Thanks so much for supporting small business and we wish you many more wonderful adventures. Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    Cody icely
    September 16, 2020
    Got the water proof dry bag and wow, the design the colour and the material is just perfect, northstorm you have out done yourself with this amazing product, I might have to grab a couple more because they are a great product, thankyou Ps I love the smell of it
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Amazing! Thanks so much Cody for your awesome review! So stoked you love your handy dry bag and the design - even the smell! Well that's something we haven't heard before but glad you like it. 🙂 Thanks so much for supporting small business, we really appreciate it. Happy adventures! Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    Project See Australia
    June 6, 2020
    Best value for money and the quality is amazing. We love using ours especially with 2 teenagers and a baby when we are travelling, even for day trips it’s light weight, durable and does not take up any room at all.
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thank you Project See Australia family! Great to hear you are getting good mileage out of your bag with your big fam. We are stoked you love your North Storm bag! Thanks again and we wish you all many happy and safe adventures. Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    Ethan Joseph – Emmjimages
    May 17, 2020
    The 20L North Storm Dry Bag is top notch quality for keeping all your gear dry on your adventures. Some of the best things about the 20L North Storm Bag are that it has a zip pocket on the front so you can easily get to your valuables. Another thing that I love about the 20L North Storm bag is that it floats so less stress worrying about your gear especially for a day on the boat or at the beach.
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thank you so much Ethan! We are so stoked you are loving your 20L Dry Bag. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us your awesome review. We wish you many happy adventures! Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    May 2, 2020
    Awesome quality! Perfect size for the jet ski storage compartment as it still leaves room for other items. Really is water proof too. Had a dog cock it’s leg on it at the beach(animal exercise area). Picked up the bag and walked it down to the ocean and threw it in. Cleaned it and ready to go again. Couldn’t do that with a regular bag!
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Haha Thanks Josh! What an experience! That's a waterproof test we had not thought of yet. Tick that one off our list. Thanks for the laugh and great review! Happy adventures. Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    March 25, 2020
    Love it! Great for the beach and for swimming. I throw my wetsuit, fins goggles and towel in there and my wallet phone and keys in the waterproof compartment. Looks great also!!! Great work Martin
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thank you so much Martin! We are so happy that you are loving your waterproof dry bag and you are putting it to good use. Just perfect! Enjoy your swimming and we wish you and your family all the best during these uncertain times. Thanks again North Storm ❤︎
    Melissa Hughes
    December 17, 2019
    Great service - very personalised. These bags are great - fantastic quality. The perfect Christmas present.
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thank you Melissa for your kind review. We are grateful for your support and hope your family member loved their Dry bag for Christmas. Thanks again for your business. Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    December 13, 2019
    One of the most amazing dry bag ever perfect for all your outdoor needs to keep all of your stuff dry highly recommended them
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thanks Connor for your great review. We are stoked that you think it is amazing and recommend our waterproof bags. We really appreciate it. Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    Troy Kenda
    November 13, 2019
    Finally a bag on the market that can do what it says it can do, keep things dry thanks North storm for a quality product that is actually functional happy days from New South Wales p.s. I went back for a duffle bag!
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thank you Troy for your awesome review! We are just so stoked you love your waterproof bags, and thanks so much for being a repeat customer. Amazing! We wish you many happy and safe adventures! Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    Peter Piaud
    November 12, 2019
    This is an outstanding product. I purchased the 20L Dry Bag and it has exceeded expectations. Keeping electronics in the bag ensures they are safe and secure (any occasion I have been to the beach). Showed a friend whose son has a medical device and he pointed out it was a perfect solution to an ongoing problem for them. Plays soccer and said the bag would also be ideal for his gear and medical device. Highly recommended product. Pricing is excellent.
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thank you Peter for your outstanding review! We are so overwhelmed by your kind words. We have worked hard to ensure our products are quality and are purpose built. Thank you again for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review. We wish you and yours many happy adventures. Cheers North Storm ❤︎
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    20L Dry Bag photo review
    November 12, 2019
    Awesome bag, use it for the beach and tennis, keeps my things from getting sandy and dirty. Great quality and great customer service. Thanks North Storm!!!
    Reply from North Storm ❤︎:
    Thanks for your awesome review Gabrielle! Beach and tennis - perfect uses for the dry bag. Greatly appreciate your kind words and support for our business. We wish you many happy adventures. Cheers North Storm ❤︎
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North Storm Waterproof 20 litre roll top dry bag drawing and dimsensions Height: 40cm Width: 23cm Depth: 23cm Capacity: 20 Litres Weight: 0.54kg

  • Height: 40cm
  • Width: 23cm
  • Depth: 23cm
  • Capacity: 20 Litres
  • Weight: 0.54kg
  • Boating – storage, land to boat transfer, will float if it falls overboard
  • Fishing – light way to carry spare tackle, spray jackets or shoes
  • Camping – can be tied to the roof racks for the journey
  • Surfing – hold wax, towel, keys, leg rope, sunscreen and springy
  • Sailing – perfect to store gear onboard no worries about getting wet
  • Storage – store things you need to keep safe from dust, dirt and moisture at home
  • Gym – will easily hold spare clothing, gym towel and drink bottle
  • Snow – protects your gear from melting snow and mud
  • Diving – great for goggles and wet bathers after a dive
  • Sporting Events – use for your warm up gear and sideline it at outdoor events
  • 4 Wheel Driving – great to store any gear you don’t want getting dirty
  • Travelling – perfect for short trips or carry on for flights
  • Beach days – will easily fit a couple of towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and mobile
  • Motorbike Riding – lash points allow you to tie down the dry bag for easy transportation

Waterproof Table Chart. All our waterproof bags are buoyant if dropped in the water and come with an internationally recognised Class 3: IP66 Rating, which means they can handle a quick submersion if dunked.


If you’ve managed to add some mud and grit to your dry bag, congratulations! That’s exactly what it likes. To clean just use warm soapy water and wipe down with a sponge. Then rinse off with clean water. Hang to air dry or wipe down with a clean dry cloth.


Make sure your dry bag is completely dry inside and out before storage.

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