Ren McGann

Ren McGann


WA, Margaret River local Ren McGann is amongst the elite when it comes to ‘big’ wave photography. And we’re not lying when we say BIG! Ren captures the most spectacular pictures of extreme weather systems, nature and phenomenal waves!

‘To me being in nature is the ultimate goal. When I take my camera, load my car and drive off, the trip begins. Nothing brings me more peace than being surrounded by giant waves or sitting camouflaged trying to capture wildlife. Or just walking around seeing what landscape speaks to me in that moment.’ – Ren McGann

Ren’s passion for photography ignited after his first trip to a surf break called ‘The Right’. Now ‘The Right’ is a robust reef break situated South West of Western Australia. A true marvel of Mother Nature. Ren’s photography skills encapsulate the power, the force, the energy, and the beauty of this wave in every photo he showcases.

Recently, Ren won the Nikon Surf Photo of 2020 with his epic snap of ‘The Right’. This is the most prestigious surf photo award in Australia. Congratulations Ren truly deserved!

We are so honored to have Ren on our team at North Storm!

Photo of a huge wave at a surf break called the Right in Western Australia. Ren won the Nikon Surf photo of 2020 with this photo

Ren won the Nikon Surf Photo of 2020 with this epic snap of ‘The Right’

More about Ren

Do you have any other interests outside of photography?

Outside of photography I love surfing, free diving, spear fishing, camping, fishing and general exploring.

Who is your idol, hero? Who inspires you the most? 

I try not to idolise people as it creates a separation between us. But I can be inspired by anyone chasing what they love for no other reason than because they love it.

If you could travel anywhere in Australia where would you go? And why?

I would love to explore the great Australian bite. I just love the isolation and raw nature of it. 

What motivates you each and every day?

Hahaha there are many days I don’t feel motivated, but the idea of exploring the unexplored is probably a main driving force behind a lot of what I do.

What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? Goals?

Tough one, I think mostly my goals are short sighted. Life changes so much and I am enjoying the process and the learning that it comes with adapting to new things. But in the short term exploration…

What do you use your North Storm gear for?

I use my North Storm gear for big wave surf photography, where I go, I get wet punching through waves doing large ocean crossings searching for new waves. Camera gear isn’t cheap and i’ll take out over 15k worth of gear each trip so I need something that I can trust to keep my gear safe and dry even if the ski sinks.

Photo of a magnificent storm with lightning and very grey clouds reflecting over the water

Ren’s magnificent capture of an extremely electric storm!

Where to find Ren?

Instagram: @renmcgann
Facebook: @renmcgannphoto

Photo of a huge barrel of a wave. It has a very heavy lip over hanging. Too big to surf! North Storm waterproof bag ambassador
Ren’s photography & editing skills encapsulate the power, the force and beauty of the waves.


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